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Industrial Printing

We are a dedicated Canadian print and brand management company committed to helping businesses flourish in the digital age.



Our areas of expertise encompass several core sectors, namely print media, brand management, logistics, and CRM sales consultation.


Since its establishment, SMD Print Group has been wholly dedicated to cultivating meaningful and personalized business relationships. Originally founded as a modest print shop in Ottawa, SMD Group has experienced significant growth and diversification since its acquisition in 2015. We have expanded our services to include Wide Format, Fulfillment & Logistics, Lifestyle, Media & Food Coverage, CRM Integration, and Brand Management. Despite this expansion, our foundation remains rooted in print, and we take immense pride in our meticulous attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to achieving unparalleled standards of excellence.

While having the right product and service is integral, it is our team of highly skilled and innovative professionals that truly sets us apart. They possess the expertise to transform your vision into reality. Our unwavering passion lies in not only resolving your challenges but also in creating added value for your organization through the consistent fulfillment of our commitments.

Engaging in a conversation with our diverse and innovative thinkers will underscore the true worth of your valuable time. Connect with one of our representatives to discover the myriad possibilities that the SMD Group of Companies can offer you today.

We proudly serve the Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Charlottetown, and BC/AB regions.


At SMD Print Group (Solutions Made Direct), we aim to provide ...

Credit Assessment


Our mandate revolves around delivering products and services that genuinely meet your needs, without ever resorting to overselling. We firmly believe in transparency and fostering long-term working relationships as the cornerstones of our approach.



Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that modern business has become inherently social, and we are committed to fostering a cordial and harmonious relationship with your organization. Expect meetings and follow-ups when you require them, and not calls after calls every day.

Printing Service


We possess a deep understanding of the print industry, including an extensive knowledge of which mediums are best suited for your specific end-use applications. While you may be familiar with traditional print mediums, we are excited to introduce you to innovative best practices derived from our team of eclectic thinkers.



All relevant data pertaining to your organization is securely stored on the cloud, allowing for increased efficiency with each interaction. Our software diligently monitors and captures your organization's preferences, ensuring seamless connectivity between every member of the SMD Group, including our dedicated delivery personnel.

Shipping Boxes


With our user-friendly shipping online platform, you can effortlessly become a shipping expert. Gain complete visibility and tracking capabilities for all projects originating from our facilities.  If you're hands-on, easily create shipments, track, and schedule pickups/deliveries all online.

Man Signing


We continuously strive to identify and implement strategies that generate and maximize the response rate for each project you entrust to us. After all, the product means little when the action at the end is absent.

Golden Watch


Reclaim control over your daily activities by entrusting us to meticulously record and document your requirements for each task. Go ahead, and ask us what we corresponded about five months ago.

Web design


Leveraging new mediums in a mature industry is fundamental to us. Expect to chat with us on WhatsApp or real-time proof using Cisco platforms during creative projects.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals brings a diverse range of expertise and experience to deliver results for our clients. 

Words from the Founder 

As we forge ahead at an accelerated pace, it becomes increasingly vital to reflect on our roots and retain a deep understanding of our identity and origins. From the inception of this company, I held a steadfast mission: to establish a social enterprise that seamlessly connects businesses.

In today's interconnected world, everything is intertwined, and the advent of the digital age has revolutionized our modes of communication. While embracing cloud technologies, we still hold dear to the traditional art of sales, merging it with innovative approaches to create unparalleled one-to-one business relationships.


My mission remains unwavering: to deliver products and services in real time that align seamlessly with the essence and culture of your organization.  Everyone can now come access the journey that SMD Group is on, and I welcome you to take the first step into our social enterprise where solutions are made direct.




JJ Lam

SMD Group has the privilege of working with a diverse range of esteemed clients, including local, national, and international brands ranging from food, non-profit, PR agencies, cannabis, realty, tech, and more. 

Here are some of our clients. 


Contact Us

Let's chat! Thank you for expressing your interest in SMD Group's brand management services. We look forward to connecting with you soon.


Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch with you shortly.

Return and Refund Policy

SMD Group values customer satisfaction and strives to provide exceptional print products. In the event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer the option to return the products for a credit or refund. To initiate the return process, customers must notify SMD GROUP OF COMPANIES within 15 business days from the acceptance of the order, informing us of any defects discovered in the received product. Failure to notify us within this timeframe may result in the denial of the claim.

In order to receive a replacement or FULL refund, the customer must return 100% (all) of the received product within 30 days (we will send you a courtesy shipping label) from the time when the ordered product delivery was taken. For more information on our policy, please ask the representative assigned to your print order. Thank you.

Any cancellations or compensations granted to the customer will be processed promptly. Please allow up to 15 business days for the refunded funds to be credited to your account. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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